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Merrill Medium Gag - Three Piece Smooth

Merrill Medium Gag - Three Piece Smooth

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Medium Shank 7" sends a clear signal with more authority than the short.

The length of a bit's shank determines how much leverage transfers from the rider's hands to the horse. A combination of hands and horse will determine what shank length is best for your barrel pattern.

Three piece smooth mouthpiece is medium firm. 

All Merrill Bits have a three-piece dogbone mouth. These mouthpieces are designed to distribute pressure more evenly across the horse's mouth. Two-piece, or similar mouthpieces, apply considerable pressure to a single point and interfere with communication.

Bits tend to fit the riders hand as much as the horse mouth. Most important is timing, when you pull and when you do not. Knowing your hands and style will help you choose a bit that your horse will accept and respect. Merrill barrel racing bits are designed to send a clear and firm signal without offending the horse. 

Merrill Bits are handcrafted in the USA.  

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