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Showman Equine Elite Sports Medicine Boots

Showman Equine Elite Sports Medicine Boots

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Showman The Elite Equine Sports Medicine Boot is made of durable, quality neoprene and is designed with your horse in mind. They feature a contoured design to allow flexion of the tendons without rubbing. Soft, padded neoprene lining is lightweight and conforms to your horse's legs without restricting movement. The Neoprene outer shell is durable against water and mud, keeping legs free of debris while working.

It also features triple velcro closure around the cannon bone for stability and security. The soft velcro allows for natural movement without allowing slipage. Wrap around closure allows the boot to cradle the fetlock for maximum protection.

The entire boot is double stitched for quality and durability and makes it a great boot for traction/training and competition. Sold in Pairs. Can be used on Front or Back legs.

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