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Dustybutts ‘GoGo’ Bit

Dustybutts ‘GoGo’ Bit

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 The unique design of the bit offers direct contact similar to a ring snaffle with the shoulder elevation of a gag and the collection from a curb strap. This is a great training or transition bit. The gag movement allows the horse to give at the poll before the mouthpiece comes into effect. All of these bits should be adjusted to fit with one wrinkle in the horse’s mouth and a loose curb strap to allow 2-3 fingers.

This mouthpiece is soft on the bars, making this bit good for lateral control and collection. A wonderful choice when transitioning from a D-Ring or O-Ring snaffle.

We recommend this bit to be used with bit guards & curb chain/ strap

Mouthpiece 5.5”

Cheekpiece 4”

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