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MagNTX Hock Wrap

MagNTX Hock Wrap

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This Hock Wrap is a recommended treatment for varying hock issues and helps relieve pain in arthritic hocks. Aids in prevention of injury when used on healthy hocks.

Standard size.

MagNTX therapeutic products are constructed with 1-1/2'' bi-polar magnets. MagNTX magnets possess both north and south pole fields that run in horizontal planes. The north pole helps to expand the blood vessels and increase blood flow, while the south pole promotes the removal of toxins away fromsurrounding tissues. Using bi-polar magnets forces ions to rebound back and forth between the opposite magnetic fields, breaking up calcifications and carrying away toxins and other foreign debris, aiding the body'd ability to heal naturally.

Science has proven beyond doubt that all living cells are electrical in nature. Each cell has a positive electrical charge at its nucleus and a negative charge on its outer membrane. This positive/negative polarization is what makes each cell function properly. When tissues are damaged, blood flow can be restricted, which limits the horse's oxygen and nutrient supply to the damaged area. Stimulating tissues and joints with bi-polar magnetic fields helps increase blood flow to a specific area and promotes a fast healing environment and natural pain killer. Magnetic therapy compliments deep tissue penetration therapies by prolonging benefits in a non-invasive, cost and time efficient manner.

MagNTX by Classic Equine recommend the following:

  • Use MagNTX products for a minimum of 30 minutes and no more than 12 hours at one time; ideal treatment periods will vary on a case by case basis.
  • Ensure the horse is adequately cooled down after a workout before applying magnets.
  • Do not use any oil-based or abrasive liniments under MagNTX products, as these substances can cause damage.
  • MagNTX magnets can be used in conjunction with preventative and treatment regimes.
  • Always consult your veterinarian when using magnet regimens.
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